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Akta Jalan, Parit Dan Bangunan 1974 (Akta 133)
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SECTION 55 (1b) Penalty for closing, stopping or diverting any drainage system without consent from local authority (MBSA) PENALTY FINE LESS RM 1000.00.

SECTION 68 – Declaration of back-lane as a public access road under section 13 Road Act.

SECTION 69 (3) Removing Obstruction – Any person cannot build, maintain or allowed to build or to maintain any obstruction in or on any back-lane, the local authority can, where the obstruction occurs, remove or demolish it and the cost will be claimed from the person responsible for building or maintaining the obstruction or other-ways.
SECTION 86 – Disturbance to Environment – translated for section-section 87, 88, 89 and 90.
( a ) -  Any premises or part of it from its building in any manner cause disturbance or disaster or danger to health.
( b )  -  Any gutter, water pipes, cistern, water-way, toilets or smelly drain which cause disturbance or disaster or danger to health.
( c )  -  Any building   ( i)  which not,  hygienic, free from bad effluence from drains, toilets or other-ways.
( ii )  - No ventilation or in any manner cause danger, only allowable emissions ; gas, steam, dust, smog or any other bad materials during working which cause disturbance, danger to health and environment.    

SECTION 70. – Notice on new buildings.
( 1 )   Not,  any person can construct building without MBSA approval.
( 2 )   Submit building plan to MBSA.
( 3)   Not, any building plan be approved (a) if the building land titles is physically annexed to back-lanes or road access until it comply with other sub-section of technical building plan approval act.

The government – Local Authority (i.e. MBSA), State and Federal has an important role to play in environment management. It must make available adequate financial and human resources for this purpose and demonstrate a clear political will to carry out its responsibility. Otherwise its role in management will be seen as mainly confined to rhetoric and environment management will continue to be improper.



The fact that it is indeed to be treated or regenerated to ensure sustainable yield and should be a physical unity with varieties of positive incentive for the people to move into and enjoy living and working in a new development.

Nature plays a significant part in any development and the design, types and species of plants should evolve with proper understanding of the sites physiographic features and other natural factors in harmony with nature. It endorses the fundamental principles as described in the DMP ( Development Master Plan ) i.e. access, amenity, image and efficiency together with the social needs of the community for quality living and lifestyle.

Action Proposal : - No one shall be allowed to cut or plant any plant species without proper consent from relevant authorities or Resident Association of particular development especially on public open spaces, green corridors and other urban fringe areas.  Equal weighting is needed for both hard and soft areas. Various zones should be identifiable either through use of materials or tree species or combination of both and should reflect the standard required for each separate zone.  Long term values should take precedence over short term benefits and the development itself should generate pride and self confidence.

All buffer and landscape easements have to be emphasized that the QUALITY is significantly more important than quantity. Therefore, adequate funds are needed to maintain the landscape environment. Open spaces are designed to cater for social interaction as well as peace and quiet to fulfill the needs of :- individuals, small and large groups, crowds and public gathering. Transforming public open space into private garden or fruit orchard contravene the by-laws in residential dwellings.



It is common to see people complaint about anything and everything but they themselves, forget that they are the contributing factor to the deterioration of the environment.  Even, in new development with good infrastructure and concept still deemed inadequate for certain individual taste of aesthetic perception with weird innovations and renovations affecting the surrounding and breach the Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC). These presumptuous and ignorant members of the public need to be educated and made to understand that there are laws pertaining to living in Malaysian society.  The common errors appear to be :
I ) Majority of our people do not realize that these laws existed
2) Even if they do know of such laws, they do not understand them
3) Even if they know and understand, most of us do not know who should implement it, and what are the consequences of non-implementation ?